Canada & New Zealand Green Energy

Canada & New Zealand green energy


Canada is committed to their transition to a low-emission economy. The goal across the country is to reach 90% zero-emitting power sources by 2030. The goal is close for Canada, as they are already functioning on 80% non-emitting sources. As well as focusing on increasing renewable energy usage, Canada is reducing reliance on the coal industry altogether.

Canada is a leading country in renewable energy. The country is also a world leader in hydroelectricity, with around 60% of its energy being generated from moving water. This is crucial for our green energy project focus in the country as we will be focusing on converting their hydroelectricity to green hydrogen production.

New Zealand

New Zealand has set a goal to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2030. The country currently produces 84% of its power from renewable sources, however, New Zealand is still importing coal ad oil from outside the country.

In terms of renewable energy, New Zealand is a leader in the sector and was the second country to implement geothermal energy for hydrogen production. Due to the volcanic and tectonic features, the country is perfectly suited for generating geothermal power. As well as the country’s development in geo technology, the first hydroelectric power plant in the Southern Hemisphere was built in the country in 1885.

Hive began its journey in the Canada & New Zealand green energy sector in early 2022. We have two members of the Hive group working across the countries developing green energy projects.

With the dedication Canada & New Zealand have to their green energy improvements, Hive’s expansion to the countries was timely.The Canada & New Zealand green energy pipeline is immense. Due to the renewable energy goals for both countries, the capacity for green energy projects is vast.

With the appointment of two renewable energy experts, we hope to reach the hard-to-abate areas in the Canada & New Zealand green energy space. Our experts will be focusing strongly on deploying green hydrogen projects across the countries.

Pratik Ghoshal - Canada & New Zealand Green Energy


Pratik oversees the management of Hive Canada operations. He primarily focuses on the origination, negotiation, and closure of solar and green hydrogen development opportunities.

Matt Rowe - Ethical Power New Zealand - Hive Energy


Matt oversees the Ethical Power New Zealand pipeline. Alongside HES Aotearoa, Ethical Power and Hive Energy have a collection of projects across NZ.