Europe Green Energy

Europe’s green energy consumption is growing

From 2019 to 2020 renewable energy consumption rose by over 34% across Europe. The European Green Deal has set the target for Europe to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050.

Wind and water provide the most renewable power across Europe, with solar being the fastest-growing energy source. At Hive we are working on wind, solar, and green hydrogen projects across Europe in order to support the carbon-neutral goal for 2050.

Hive in Europe

Our growth across Europe began in 2015 with the recruitment of Tolga, our Türkiye Country Manager. We then expanded into Spain in 2016. More recently, in 2021, we saw further growth in Greece, Italy, and South-East Europe. Our Croatian and French Country Managers joined the team in 2022.

We are already having great success across Europe. We have our UK and Spanish complete projects, but we also have a finished project in Türkiye. Not only are we focusing on solar power projects, our Europe green energy projects include innovative green hydrogen undertakings too.

Ivo Dubravcic


Ivo joined Hive in 2022 as Country Manager for Croatia. His role is to develop projects in the Croatian market, predominantly PV, wind and battery storage systems.

Hive Energy - Thomas Quillasi

FRANCE MANAGER: Thomas Quillasi

Thomas joined the Hive team in 2022 as our French Country Manager. Thomas will oversee the planning and development of our clean energy pipeline across France.

Costas Caralis


Costas joined Hive in 2021 as Greek Country Manager. His main role is to manage operations and the expansion of Hive in Greece in the areas of the cyclical economy.

Artur Foksa - Poland Country Manager

FRANCE MANAGER: Thomas Quillasi

Artur joined the Hive team in 2022 as our Poland Country Manager. Artur's role is to develop a renewable energy pipeline in Poland and establish projects in the clean energy space.

Stefano Salerno


Stefano joined Hive Energy in 2021 as the Country Manager for Italy. He manages project planning and development throughout Italy, with a focus on clean energy investment.

Bojan Bajceta

Regional MANAGER SEE: Bojan Bajceta

Bojan covers Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro in his role. He identifies potential land, and if all checks out we proceed to land acquisition and further development of projects.


Tolga managed our Turkish green energy projects. Our projects in Türkiye consist of both PV technology and innovative green hydrogen developments.