UK Green Energy

UK Green energy - UK green energy

In the UK, green energy currently only makes up about 20% of all power used. 

In comparison to other countries, the UK still has some improvements to be made. Fortunately, the UK green energy goals are to achieve 100% renewably sourced power by 2035.

The Climate Change Act 2008 creates the outline of the UK’s approach to tackling climate change. The act was established to help mitigate the impact of climate change, the steps in place are to be followed by the UK Government. The Climate Change Act is a legally binding agreement that must be met by the leaders of the UK.

Unsurprisingly, investments in renewable energy are paving the way for this agreement. The UK has set a target of 40 GW of offshore wind capacity, 12 GW of onshore wind, and 14 GW of solar. As well as solar and wind, the UK aims to have 5 GW of low to zero-carbon hydrogen production by 2030.

Climate Change Act 2008

goals to be complete before 2050

Hive began in the UK in 2010. Started by Giles Redpath, Hive’s aim was to support the UK green energy transition.

The UK team are based across multiple locations; our Romsey HQ, London HQ, and Liverpool office to name a few. 

We have key teams based in the UK too; Hive Ventures and Hive Aggregates.

We have a fantastic portfolio of completed projects in the UK, with over 30 successful projects. Our UK pipeline is also very strong. We have 20+ solar projects in our pipeline, totalling almost 1 GW.

Giles Redpath - UK green energy

Chief executive officer: GILES REDPATH

Giles started Hive in 2010 following great success in the telecoms industry. Giles has a strong belief in green energy and aims to spread his mission to save the planet through Hive.

Enes Tatbak

Commercial manager: enes tatbak

Enes is our International Commercial Manager. His role was introduced to support our rapidly evolving company and recent international expansions into the clean energy market.

Ross Champion - Head of Investment Finance

Head of Investment Finance: Ross Champion

Ross' role is to oversee and manage investment funding, ongoing investment performance and cash flow management.

Roy Naismith - UK green energy

Chief financial officer: ROY NAISMITH

Roy is our CFO. He works closely with our Country Managers, business partners and extended finance team to oversee all project finance matters at Hive.

Dana Cable - UK green energy

Financial controller: dana cable

Dana is our Financial Controller, based in our HQ in Romsey, UK. She works closely with our Financial Director to oversee all aspects of financing throughout Hive.

Hugh Brennan


Hugh is our UK MD. He manages our UK project pipeline as well as projects around the globe. Hugh also works closely with Jake in our Hive Aggregates team.

Karen Carter


Karen is our assistant accountant, working closely with Dana, the Financial Controller. Karen manages day-to-day accounts queries and actions across the business.

Alex Lane


Alex assists with Hive’s legal functions. Including amalgamating transactions, documenting project progression, and supporting Country Managers with external legal counsel.

Jodie Alesbury - UK green energy


Jodie’s role is to raise awareness of climate change, and the benefits of renewable energy. She shares Hive’s mission to keep us at the forefront of the renewable energy sector.

Archie Fraser

director of project finance: archie fraser

Archie works closely with our Country Managers and Commercial Manager to engage with our investors. He also oversees our pipeline to maximize potential for our global projects.



Laurie works directly with Giles to manage the administration of Hive. As well as managing Giles’ overall schedule, she controls all processes and planning for the company.