Hive Ecosystems

Hive Ecosystems - Carbon sequestration

Hive Ecosystems is part of the Hive group, based in South Africa.

Hive Ecosystems was established in 2021. The team assist Hive Carbon with sourcing and securing invasive alien tree biomass to be used as feedstock through the Mobile Biomass Gasification units in order to produce high quality wood-based BioChar and Activated Carbon.

As well as working closely with our Hive Carbon team, Hive Ecosystems is also responsible for providing advice and assistance to landowners to ensure that the cleared areas is rehabilitated with natural vegetation and/or to a productive agricultural land-use (pastures etc.).

The team are currently looking into land opportunities for long term land transformation/restoration in the Albany Thicket biome. The project will restore parcels of land which has been degraded and depleted of Carbon, Nitrogen and minerals from years of intensive over grazing and agricultural farming.

The team will introduce millions of spekboom plants to the depleted areas in order to re-wild the natural landscape and nurture carbon from the growing foliage. The project will not only be beneficial in terms of carbon sequestration and land conservation, but local communities will benefit from an increased supply in jobs required for the projects

Japie Buckle

Director Ecosystems: Japie Buckle

Japie is the Director of Hive Ecosystems. His role is to utilise creative technologies to create sustainable solutions. He works closely with local property-owners to rewild land and create jobs.

Waldo Nel - Hive Ecosystems

Commercial director: Waldo Nel

Waldo works alongside Japie and Brad in our Hive Ecosystems team. His role is to support the development of Hive Ecosystems and oversee the project development across South Africa.