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About Hive Ventures & our Circular Economy goals

The Hive Ventures team are in place to invest in circular economy businesses and grow our sustainable business group.

At Hive we are continuing to expand our portfolio of renewable energy activities. However, we are also looking to understand, explore and invest in innovative and emerging technologies. We invest in the circular economy because we want to support a clean future.

Hive Ventures supports us in making better-informed business decisions. The team identify key areas in which to expand our operations across the clean energy and circular economy markets.

The research team compare many new technologies and business opportunities. Hive Ventures aim to identify cost-effective solutions in key areas that will support climate change mitigation.

Rupert Maitland-Titterton

Director: Rupert Maitland-Titterton

Rupert is our Director of Circular Economies. His role is to manage the Hive Ventures team and acquire sustainable, and innovative, businesses to grow the Hive group.

Clara Baltay

Research Manager: Clara Baltay

Clara is supporting CuanTec in their process of scaling to industrial operations. She has an MSci in Biochemistry and is focussed on investigating startups and technologies in the algae space.

Mariam Cherifi

Research Manager: Mariam Cherifi

Mariam is helping DBG reach key milestones in the run up to their first site opening in Delfzijl Using her chemistry background, she's looking for the next innovative start-up to join the Hive group.

Cona Somers - Hive Ventures

Research Manager: Cona Somers

Cona supports the Hive Ventures team to investigate marine based circular economy businesses, which themselves will sequester carbon to remove large amounts of Co2 from the atmosphere.

At Hive Energy, we are always seeking new technologies and opportunities to reduce carbon emissions and develop the circular economy. 

In an exciting first 12 months, we successfully created joint ventures with DBG Bioenergy, CuanTec and Nafici Environmental Research. All three companies are carbon-negative businesses which process industrial waste streams using novel technologies. They transform waste into valuable products which replace the existing fossil-fuel-based alternatives. 

The team also paired up with Packamama, a unique packaging company based in the UK.